Latest round of releases

News by khorben on 29/12/2013 18:07:07
A few releases have hit the server a few days ago:

  • libDesktop 0.1.0 [1], with a minor API addition for more stability;
  • Panel 0.3.0 [2], with improved preferences management and wireless support (through wpa_supplicant [3])
  • Camera 0.1.0 [4], with better support for scaling and flipping.

Then makepasswd 0.5.3 [5] was released too (using OpenSSL's MD5 implementation), however the project is no longer considered a component of DeforaOS and moved to my personal list of projects [6].

Additionally, just now libSystem 0.1.7 [7] was released, which removed functionality for the distributed framework (moved to libApp [8]). It should simplify development and maintenance of the system while the distributed framework is under heavy work again.