New release for DaPortal

News by khorben on 06/01/2016 01:02:34
First, I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year on behalf of the DeforaOS Project. It is not really tradition here, but it does not hurt.

With this said, in rather unbelievable news a new release for the DaPortal PHP CMS [1] is now available, as version 1.9.0 [2]. It is only the third release on this website [3] in almost 8 years hosted here, for a total of 12 years of existence. It probably corresponds to the third or fourth major rewrite as well, despite being called DaPortal 2 internally.

The project evolved from a student pet-project to a modern, Object-Oriented framework supporting a broad range of functionality (project management, wiki, documentation, monitoring...). I hope it will be as useful for you as it is for me.