The DeforaOS Project accepts donations

News by khorben on 26/01/2016 04:10:49
Albeit discreetly, DeforaOS Project has been accepting material contributions for a long time now [1]. While I cannot be thankful enough for the great support received already, I would like to experiment now with a more official call for donations.

The project has been going for almost 15 years now, since the very first Live installation CD released in November 2001 [2]. This effort is taking shape, and I am now contemplating steps to let it grow useful for and reach a bigger audience.

And so this is a call, call for your continued trust, generosity and most of all, your input. Let me know, let us know (hopefully more than myself!) what you may expect from the project, and what you would like it to be or to offer. Every bit matters!

Thank you so much.