Project from khorben on 01/05/2010 02:38:41
Telephony application with GSM support
Phone is a telephony application, providing a user interface aiming at the implementation of a full-featured smartphone. It can also be used to handle GSM modems in a desktop environment.
It is available under the GPL version 3.

It supports multiple telephony backends, of which:
  • Hayes/3GPP (AT commands on serial lines)
  • Sofia-SIP (VoIP, experimental)
  • Purple (XMPP and more, experimental)

It can also be extended with additional plug-ins, like:
  • dialing GPRS/3G connections
  • parental control
  • profile management
  • integration with DeforaOS Panel
  • support for USSD codes
  • improved hardware support (Openmoko Freerunner, Nokia N900...)

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