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The current objectives of the project can be summarized as follows, with respect to their expected transition date. This estimation is further detailed in the list of planned developments.

1. Provide a graphical environment

(Q1 2011)

First and foremost, a decent and featureful user interface should be developed and maintained for the project. It will help further implementation and integration of DeforaOS' own internal architecture, with the knowledge acquired for its actual, practical needs.
This effort can be partly driven through the DeforaOS Smartphone project, with the following steps:
  1. Complete the feature set of the Desktop software
  2. Ensure the system also runs on embedded platforms
  3. Provide seamless bootup, shutdown and user login procedures

2. Demonstrate the framework

(Q2 2011)

Better sooner than later, the new concepts introduced by the DeforaOS framework should actually be extended and demonstrated. Some components will be of particular interest:
  1. VFS, accessing data remotely and securely
  2. GServer, distributed and optimal backend for user interfaces
  3. VPN, for seamless roaming operation

3. Build a complete system

(Q3 2011)

Build and support a complete userland environment based on this framework. Emphasis will be placed on:
  1. The base library and associated APIs (libSystem, libParser, libDesktop...)
  2. Other essential low-level components (Loader...)
  3. Complete user-friendly operation (Splasher...)

4. Adapt the kernel

(Q4 2011)

It is expected, through these heavy modifications to the Operating System's architecture, that even some of the most modern components of current systems may be insufficient to fit the newer design, performance and security requirements of the system. This includes:
  1. The kernel and bootloader
  2. The C compiler
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