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Even though the project reference is still not complete, plans are being made to help the decisions, and continue to learn about operating system development throughout the design process. The complete current roadmap can be downloaded here, in planner format:

1. POSIX environment

It makes it easy to complete a lot of working code, it gives a good view of the needs of an operating system, and makes one practice C and programming. A number of UNIX utilities are already functional, including a shell. The libc has enough code for the environment to be booted on top of a third-party kernel. Work is currently concentrated on, in order:

  1. libc
  2. bootable disk image creation
  3. sh
  4. the utils utilities suite
  5. the others utilities suite (not part of the SUSv3)
  6. the devel utilities suite (part of the SUSv3 development extension)

2. DeforaOS System software

With the completion of the POSIX code, the actual management of the system will be handled by the original concepts of DeforaOS. This will mean a focus on, in order:

  1. libSystem's AppInterface private class (distributed message passing)
  2. Session, the users' login program
  3. Init (the system's Session)

3. DeforaOS micro-kernel

If by the time the userland system is actually complete, there is not an existing kernel tailored to its requirements, then the development of the micro-kernel will be started.

Please refer to the DeforaOS.planner file for more details, and the steps currently planned (and their completion level).

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