Distributed environment

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DeforaOS should ultimately allow users to access their respective data and applications transparently, regardless of their current location and device used. Consequently, a distributed and secure framework need be developed, with the rest of the system based onto it.



  1. libSystem
  2. Init
  3. Session
  4. VFS
  5. GServer/GToolkit
  6. VPN
  7. Directory

Global tasks

To achieve this goal, completion of the following tasks is required:
  • executing native code remotely, portably and transparently
  • accessing data on remote hosts
  • listing one's own sessions
  • accessing remote sessions
  • routing session data and applications dynamically
  • resuming applications on remote hosts
  • sharing data with other users
  • sharing applications with other users

Current status

Some functional proof-of-concept applications, as well as functional hardware prototypes could be successfully built and deployed. Their conversion into industrial-grade products still requires a number of significant improvements in the base of this system.
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