Core environment

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This environment is the base of the actual Operating System. It can be used on top of a number of existing kernels, although the development of DeforaOS' own kernel may also be attempted at some point (as part of a self-hosting effort).



  1. libSystem
  2. Loader
  3. Init
  4. Login
  5. Splasher

Global tasks

  • providing an alternate API to the system (replacing the libc)
  • booting a system into administrative mode (single-user)
  • compiling and installing libSystem and Init onto the system
  • authenticating users onto the system
  • managing multiple users currently onto the system
  • managing and monitoring the execution of the system components
  • providing graphical and interactive feedback to the user
  • accessing DeforaOS' distributed framework and applications

Current status

Substituting the libc is at a lower priority at the moment. The code necessary is considered known, to be imported from the libc to the libSystem project at a later point. It will make better sense to complete this task once libSystem's API will be complete enough.
Running systems with the Init daemon should work at this point, but was insufficiently tested.
Early attempts to manage authentication, and subsequent session routing were not satisfying enough to be integrated yet.
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