Planned developments

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Four major components

DeforaOS is comprised of a number of distinct parts, with the purpose of integrating them together eventually. These parts do not have higher or lower priority for focus or completion. However, their respective sub-components often have interdependencies, or otherwise varying importance levels for focus. This means that even when listed in decreasing priority, their actual order is not always set in stone anyway.

Handling task lists and bug reports

These respective tasks could as well be maintained as a TODO-list, or of course, as a list of distinct bug reports. It was decided to keep the number of bug reports minimal for the following reasons:
  • too many bug reports do not easily allow for a coherent view of the design of the complete system, as technical issues are mixed with conceptual ideas;
  • these conceptual ideas cannot easily be prioritized individually in the first place;
  • the concepts and design of the system evolve regularly, as development goes and new ideas and challenges arise from interaction with users, developers, and relevant state of the art.
Therefore, at the moment, they are only used to keep track of issues that, given the current completion state of the system, are not meant to be present (eg programming mistakes, known limitations...).

Providing documentation

More and better documentation must be provided of course. It should cover at least these areas:

The different environments

Each component has its own dedicated page:
  1. Foundation libraries and applications
  2. Distributed framework
  3. Desktop applications
  4. Self-hosting environment
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